5 Step Process

The 5-Step Process for emotional healing and empowerment is designed to develop your self- awareness and self-compassion. 

Directly working with your emotional wounds, fears and insecurities, the application of the 5-Step Process aims to increase self-empowerment and self-mastery.
Step 1. Acceptance

Without self-acceptance we cannot heal, find inner peace or grow. We often mistakenly believe others are judging us when, in fact, we are negatively judging ourselves. With self-acceptance, the doorway to our true potential opens to us. Self-acceptance is in knowing that our worthiness is without question.


Step 2. Personal Responsibility 

When we combine acceptance with personal responsibility, self-rejection is replaced with compassionate caring for our own humanness. Personal responsibility means that we are in charge of our own lives; that we have the independent ability to stand on our own feet. We can then stop wasting our time trying to control and change others in order to heal, grow and be happy. The key to our healing and fulfilment is in our own hands.


Step 3. Let Go & Tune In

When we get in touch with and accept responsibility for our needs and emotions, we are increasingly able to achieve the clarity of mind to take wise actions. In letting go and tuning in we can recognise not only the futility of worry, regret and resentment but use our emotions as informants, rather than feelings as truths.


As we learn to correct self-defeating thoughts and compassionately care for our own vulnerabilities, we discover our own power of wisdom and healing.


Step 4. Live in the Now

Making peace with the past and creating a positive future is determined by the way we take responsible care of ourselves every day, one day at a time. This step engages the power to create the life we want by taking care of moments with presence and attention.


Step 5. Live the Process

By working these steps as an ongoing process, every problem or obstacle becomes an opportunity to understand ourselves more, heal more deeply, gain more insight and grow stronger.

The beauty of working with the 5-Step Process is that its principles are universal and can be applied in therapy and in daily life. The 5-Step Process can also be incorporated into individual or group therapy.


The Inner Harmony Centre offers a fortnightly meditation group covering the benefits and practice of the 5-Step Process. Please enquire on the contact page.


The 5-Step Process was developed by Phil Golding, a Brisbane based transpersonal practitioner and psychotherapist. With over two decades of experience working with those seeking personal healing and self-development, Phil’s work has been informed by contemporary Eastern and Western traditions and theosophical frameworks.