Helena Bozich

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Awaken possibilities, healing and growth

I will walk beside you through vulnerability and flourishing

Within the frame of a therapeutic relationship you will find encouragement, gentle challenges, reassurance and perhaps even fascinating new perspectives to enhance your self-awareness. Both personal reflection and personal responsibility will broaden your understanding about your strengths and future potential. Self-reflection builds confidence, enhances creativity and allows you to access personal authenticity.


It can be difficult to embrace a journey of self-reflection and exploration alone as it will inevitably lead to change. But perhaps you have decided it is time to embrace change as a friend and become intimate with your wonderful self and calm the inner critic that is hindering your growth.


Battling any psychological or emotional distress is challenging. This can range from anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, trauma, emotion dysregulation to grief and loss. If you want to explore your decisions, thoughts, patterns, behaviours, motivations, and desires – let’s ask some gentle yet powerful questions together and recognise all the habits that might be limiting you.


Therapy provides a compassionate, non-judgemental and collaborative approach to gaining deeper insight, finding peace and living a purposeful life. With some guided reflective practice, I can show you how to access the wonders of your personal strengths, gifts and resilience (that may in fact be unknown to you). Your values, purpose and self-worth will become clearer through self-reflection and the power of connection.


Take a moment now to recognise that you have read this far and already created the opportunity for reflection. If you decide that exploration through therapy would be beneficial, it is time to reach out. Within a safe sanctuary that doubles as a living laboratory we can go on this journey together.


You can fill out the online form with a few details and I will schedule a complimentary 15 minute session so we can determine if we are the right fit.